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$150,000Funds the development of one magazine issue distributed to over 100,000 Christian leaders. (Honor the influence of someone with this special naming opportunity).

$30,000Supports a year of CT's Quick to Listen podcasts that engages with listeners in ways that words on a page cannot.

$25,000Distributes CT subscriptions to 500 emerging global Christian leaders who value the thoughtful, balanced voice of the publication.

$15,000Sponsors a month of one of CT's popular digital special sections: CT WomenCT Pastors, or Christian History.

$10,000Sends a writer overseas to research and report on what God is doing through his church around the world.

$7,500Commissions research for churches to understand the challenges they face with issues like religious freedom and preventing child abuse.

$5,000Guarantees a professional photographer joins a global reporting trip and capture the important visual story of God at work.

$4,000Gathers four diverse experts to discuss and deliberate on a trending topic critical to the life of the church.

$1,500Provides digital subscriptions to ministry leaders around the globe that are in desperate need of training resources.

$500Underwrites the development of thought-provoking online reporting on breaking developments in the church and the world.

$250Hires a promising young writer to publish her first article on a unique theme for Christians, while being mentored by a skilled editor.

$100Subsidizes the cost to translate one article into Spanish to encourage and equip Latino Christians.

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