Isaiah 43:10 NIV

You are my witnesses,” declares the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen...


I have known Sam Kawaneh for more than 20 years. He has a passion to reach his own Arab community, and has faithfully proclaimed the gospel provided counsel, and practical humanitarian assistance.

Sam is a devoted husband to Maram and a great father to his two beautiful girls.

Sam has weathered financial challenges, yet continues to trust the Lord for provision. One thing for sure — Sam Kawaneh will persevere to the end. I highly recommend Sam Kawaneh and his proven ministry.

Chad Holland

CEO & Senior Pastor - King of Kings Ministries

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Sam is a hard working man of faith. Sam stepped out of the professional world to follow his sense of the Lord's call to consistently preach the gospel to Arabic speakers in the Jerusalem area. Sam has been faithful to do that in creative ways, often looking to the physical needs of people around him. Sam is a dedicated husband and father who captures the urgency for the Arabic community to come to know Yeshua, and to understand the Biblical realities of God's calling on the Jewish people. This unique combination sets Sam apart from many others, as does his willingness to minister in public and serve in private even if no one sees his work. 

Good fruit is going to continue to follow where Sam walks as he examples faith, prayer and perseverance toward the call of God in his life. 

Chris Mitchell 

Middle East Bureau Chief, CBN News


Jesus said, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few.  Therefore, pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”  (Matthew 9:37,38) Sam Kawaneh is of those laborers in the harvest.  I have known Sam for many years, and I deeply admire his heart for the Lord, his passion for the Gospel and his love for the community of believers.  This Godly man desires to share God’s love by supporting the needy in Israel and the West Bank, teaching the Word of God and strengthening believers.  As one who has seen Sam in action, this husband and father does so with a kind and gentle heart and integrity.  Hope of Nations and Sam are a great investment in the Kingdom "for such a time as this!"  

Pastor Shahade Twal‎

Jerusalem Church of the Nazarene


Sam is an incredible leader and man of great faith. He is an inspiration to those who know him. We have worked together for several years on different projects and ministries, including compassionate ministries, outreach ministries, summer camps. He has helped in leading worship, leading bible studies, preaching, and organizing different outreach ministries. Sam has excellent interpersonal skills and knows how to effectively communicate in various situations within his own culture AND cross-culturally. He is very well-liked wherever he goes and is very talented in building bridges and connections. Working with Sam over the past years, I saw how he thrives in a multicultural environment; Sam exemplifies the best qualities of servant leadership. He's experienced in working with adults, college students, and children/families - doing well in each of these very different areas of ministry. Sam is a great person to work with and has a real servant's heart; he is dependable, loves the Lord from all of his heart. He is a people-oriented, caring person, an organizer, interested in building relationships with and between people, and has a good sense of humor, and we had fun working together. I pray that the Lord will continue to use him to bless others. 

Rev. Nigel James

Elim Pastor, Wales, UK.


When you have the privilege to meet Sam Kawaneh you quickly discover three things. Firstly, Sam is clearly called by the Lord for a specific ministry. Secondly, Sam is constantly obedient to that call as he seeks to serve the Kingdom of God. Thirdly, the Lord is using Sam powerfully to minister into the lives of individuals, families and communities. I am thankful that the Lord allowed for Sam’s path to cross with mine, and I wholeheartedly commend Sam and all that he is accomplishing  with the Lord.

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It is my privilege to wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of Sam Kawaneh.  He is a dedicated evangelist, and a tremendous blessing to the Arab community as he shares the Word of God with conviction and boldness.  Sam has an understanding of Israel's place in God's heart and this enables him to be an ambassador of unity here in Israel.

Andre Moubarak

CEO & Co-Founder of Twins Tours & Travel Ltd

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Sam Kawaneh has been a long-standing friend for approximately 25 years. we served in the Alliance Church together and he have been involved in ministry from his Youth. I have seen Sam poring his heart for the lost, he is a man of prayers, he is a very talented person and have a servant heart. I have long been impressed by his Christian character, diligence and work ethics.
Sam has been both admired and respected by every church and ministry he was involved in. He has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that he must face in his daily life as a spirit filled believer in Jerusalem. Sam is a true blessing not only to his community in Jerusalem but also to many believers all over the world. He has a great Zeal for Jesus. I am aware of many believers when they need prayers, they come to him to seek advice and counseling, his heart is pure.
To conclude, I would like to restate my strong recommendation for Sam Kawaneh.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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It is my joy to recommend to you the ministry of Sam Kanaweh.  Jerusalem is a very unique, intense city with a blending of extremely different kinds of people.  In my years of knowing Sam, I have found he has the kind of inner strength in the Lord to persevere here, and yet a gentle, humble spirit that endears him to people.  He is filled with the love and compassion of the Lord, and sets a real example for others to follow.  He has proven himself faithful in serving, faithful in being a good husband and father, and faithful in boldly but wisely sharing the love of the Lord. As Jerusalem is so intense, I encourage you to pray for Sam, his family and ministry.  And as Jerusalem is one of the most expensive cities in the world, I encourage you to financially partner with him.